What are progressive slots, and how do they work?

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Progressive slots (and video poker games) have jackpots that grow larger with each bet until somebody succeeds. The progressive jackpot then sets to its beginning amount and accumulates anew. A tiny fraction of your machine’s action determines the amount the jackpot grows. Even though some games are still independent progressive, many progressive slot machines are now linked with other devices so that the prize proliferates. As a result, playing progressive jackpot slots can be quite profitable. They have been the only internet slot machine activities where you can win rewards worth millions of dollars.


What is a progressive slot?

The jackpot award in these Australian licensed online casinos is progressive since it does not get fixed – it increases with each bet placed until it gets won. Some progressive jackpots payout promptly when they reach a particular value, but the majority are unlimited and can theoretically grow in size until somebody wins. Advanced jackpot machines are only distinguished from the remainder of the slots universe by their massive payouts. Several slots are specialized progressive, while others are reimagined versions of the original games linked to a jackpot system.

How do progressive slots work?

Let’s delve a little deeper. The critical distinction between a progressive and regular jackpot is that the former has no fixed reward. It allows you to win a lot of money while spending very little. In a progressive jackpot game, a portion of every bet goes toward the jackpot, which grows until one fortunate player wins. When this occurs, the jackpot gets adjusted to a seed amount, and the phase starts again. As it can have many players from numerous slots from all over the globe, the total, also known as the meter, can grow to enormous amounts.

What are the different types of progressive slots?

Below are the different types of progressive slots:

  • Stand Alone progressive slots

It’s usually seen in land-based casinos, where the prize amount is prominently displayed, enticing gamblers. As the cash prize rises, so does the level of intensity. It is a stand-alone model that does not require a connection to another slot machine to generate a pol.

  • Local Progressive Slots

Followers of online slots will be more familiar with this form of the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots, for example, are not tied to a single machine but to all devices or slot games in a land-based or internet casino. Regarding digital slots’ progressive jackpots, a portion of every wager increases the jackpot’s amount, which will continue to grow until a player wins the reward. Local Progressive Jackpots function similarly to their solo counterparts, providing massive jackpot payouts. The jackpot can quickly grow because tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people can play the same game every time at online casinos.

  • Wide Area Network Progressive Slots

Wide-area network (WAN) Progressive slots are the most common progressive jackpot slot machine. It simultaneously gathers from all gambling machines in various casinos. Because of the enormous number of devices, the jackpot might reach tens of millions. Because they make progressive slots instantaneously available to players worldwide playing the same game, online casinos play a big role in their increasing value. The wide area network is the most common progressive slot nowadays, and it can be found in thousands of slot games. Moreover, the large payouts make it quite popular in both online and physical casinos.

Difference between regular slots and progressive slots:

These distinctions can frequently be the decisive factor in picking which game to play.

  • Regular slots have a fixed jackpot, one of the most notable differences between them and progressives.
  • The slots developer determines the maximum possible jackpot win, which cannot be altered or increased.
  • On the other hand, Progressive jackpots have varying jackpot sums that players can add to at any time.

It can be difficult to decide whether to play traditional slots or progressives, as each has advantages and disadvantages. Just because a slot machine doesn’t have a progressive jackpot doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time. Follow Betsquare to know more about this.


If you know what you’re getting into, progressive gambling machines can be fun. Avoiding them when playing games with smaller jackpots is not advised, but some players like to play for significant, life-changing wins. So if that’s your cup of tea, do it.

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