Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser – How to Make It

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Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser is a fun way to add a bit of whimsy to any space. It’s also useful for kids or anyone with a small apartment. The only downside is that it takes some time to create, but once you’re finished, it’s easy to set up and use. It would help if you had some basic supplies and a few minutes of your time.

You can see the final product in the picture above. It’s very simple and easy to put together.

I made This fun little project as a gift for a friend who had just moved into his first apartment. I love its nostalgic feel, and it’s great for entertaining guests.

To finish this project in less than a week, I took advantage of the fact that I already had a working prototype of the toothpick dispenser.

To make the top part, I cut a small piece of cardboard, painted it black, and then glued it to the back of the bottom leg.

Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

It’s a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser.

I don’t know about you, but I love toothpicks. But I don’t like how they’re kept in a cupboard where they can easily get lost. Also, I wouldn’t say I want how the toothpicks keep breaking.

So when I heard about this toothpick dispenser, I knew it had to be perfect.

I bought it and tested it out. The toothpicks fell out when I pulled the plunger, but that was a small problem since I didn’t have to pull it very hard. The dispenser has a small window to see what’s inside, which is nice. And it’s made out of stainless steel, so it’s safe for kids and pets.

I think it’s a great idea for people looking for a new way to keep their toothpicks organized.

For those who don’t know, the Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser was launched in 2001. It was the first product that I ever sold on Amazon.

This product is a simple concept that can be implemented into your product.

How it works

The great thing about the Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser is that it’s pretty easy to make. You’ll need some things, like a printer, but getting started’s not very expensive. You need to know where to look and where to ask questions.

The great thing about a toothpick dispenser is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and is easy to assemble.

If you have the patience to put it together, you should be able to make one within a couple of hours.

You can customize it to your liking and make it look more professional.

If you’re a Star Wars fan and enjoy crafty projects, you’ll enjoy making this toothpick dispenser. It’s a cool gift idea for fans of the movies or any other type of fan.

Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

How to make it

I will tell you how to make this thing, which will cost you $35. For the most part, you should be able to get a pack of 1,000 toothpicks for around $1.99 at Walmart.

I don’t know how many of you have the time or inclination to make things, but if you do have the time and inclination, it would be a great idea to give this project a shot.

It’s not the most complicated thing in the world, but it requires time and dedication.

I will tell you how to make this thing, which will cost you $35.

The first step is to pick your materials. The cheapest materials will cost you the most, but you’ll also have the most trouble sourcing them. So I recommend you start by picking the most expensive materials.

How to make your own

Here are the details if you want to learn how to make the Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser yourself.

If you want to start earning money by creating DIY projects, you can get started with a few different options.

Here are the details if you want to learn how to make the Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a huge Star Wars fan. I even have a Star Wars-themed kitchen with lightsabers, an R2-D2, and other accessories.

And I’m pretty sure many people would enjoy owning one of these.

So how do you make one? You’ll need a few things, but luckily, you can probably find them at your local hardware store.

The first thing you need to do is decide what size toothpicks you want to use. You can pick between 2, 3, or 4-inch ones.

Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the toothpick dispenser work?

A: The toothpick dispenser holds six toothpicks in each compartment. You can fill them with toothpicks at your local store or online. When the toothpick dispenser is full, you push the plunger down and out pop the toothpicks.

Q: Is it possible to make a dispenser with different colors?

A: Sure! You can pick from any color that you want. The toothpicks can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or a combination of materials. They can even be made of wood and metal to create an antique look.

Q: How do you make a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser?

A: The easiest way to make this is to buy some wood, paint it black, make a pattern out of cardstock, and cut it out. You can either glue or staple the cardstock pattern on the wood. Make one large cross and two smaller crosses to create the Darth Vader pattern. If you are using cardstock, cut out the pieces. If you are using cardboard, cut out the details.

Q: What’s the story behind the Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser?

A: When my first book was released, I was given a very expensive gift basket missing one item: a toothpick dispenser. So I decided to make one and put it in the basket. A few days later, another gift basket also included the toothpick dispenser.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: I came up with the design while writing a novel. I thought of the scene where two characters were walking along, and there was no way to find a toothpick without opening a small cup on the side of a building. I realized that this could be solved by having a toothpick dispenser.

Q: Can you tell us how to make one?

A: Sure! First, you must go to your local craft store and buy basic woodworking tools such as a hand saw, an electric drill with the appropriate bits, wood glue, a power sander, and sandpaper.

Q: Do you make toothpick dispensers for your friends?

A: I have made a few for my friends and family, but most are custom orders. I used to own a business in North Carolina called the Vintage Vinyl Store so that I would sell vintage vinyl records and other retro items. As my business grew, I began making toothpick dispensers as gifts for customers.

Myths About Toothpick 

1. He doesn’t exist.

2. He’s just a character on a television show.

3. George Lucas created him.

4. Ben Affleck plays him.


In conclusion, you could make a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser and put it on Amazon FBA. But this would take a lot of time and effort, and I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I think that the DIY toothpick dispenser is a much better option. In addition, I’ve made it easier for you by providing you with a printable PDF file.

This project was fun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about how to make it.

It can be tricky to decide what product to sell. It might not be something you know much about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start selling it.

This design makes it possible to hold many toothpicks in a small space. There are many benefits to using a toothpick dispenser.

One of them is at it’s a rare piece of functional decor.

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